Lea, Téwa, Lance, Emry, Noah, Jesse

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!! What a year this has been! Many wonderful blessings and a few challenges to keep us grounded and humble. The greatest blessings in our lives are our beautiful children. They each are pursuing their dreams and are examples of dedication and drive!

*Noah - caring brother, medical student, and runner. Completed his first marathon and passed his first semester of Medical School at U of Minnesota.
*Jesse - caring brother, musician, and talented composer. Sold out concert for his CD release in February in just four days.
*Lea - amazing sister, dancer and sterling scholar. Lea is dancing her way through life! Her dedication to her art is impressive and she is realizing that hard work is it's own reward.
*Emry - loving sister, dancer and academic whiz. This girl is one in a million! We all have been blessed because Emry is a part of our family. She is a beautiful dancer and gives 100% in all she does.

Yes, life can be difficult at times but it never ceases to amaze me how the blessings have flowed in our lives. We could not ask for more then we have... for we have each other. We are so grateful for the gospel and our knowledge that Jesus Christ loves us. Here's to a new year filled with peace and new possibilities!!

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