Lea, Téwa, Lance, Emry, Noah, Jesse

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer 2010

This summer has started out busier than ever. Lance is busy with work and producing Jesse's second CD. He finally has the yard looking like he wants it and is so glad to see some sunnier days. Téwa just finished up with Miss Utah and all the girls she is working with did very well. She is teaching voice and summer dance clinics and is dedicated, as usual, to her daily running. Noah is getting ready to head off to medical school in a few weeks. He and Lance are driving out to get him settled in to his apartment on July 15th. He is also preparing to run a marathon in October. Jesse is doing well with his music, working on his second CD and performing a couple times a week. His band has some big concerts and events throughout the summer. Lea is busy with drill and is taking ballet. It's summer and she still has to be at drill practice at 6 am everyday. Lance thinks that is just crazy. She loves it though! (she doesn't love getting up early, she loves drill and dance) Emry is busy with ballet 3 hours a day. She is so dedicated and is quite a dancer. She has taken charge of the garden and can't wait for those tomatoes to grow! Emry and Lea are both having fun with our new puppies, Gracie and Molly. It looks like it will be a great summer!!

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